Working with me is risk-free.

Freelance web designer based in Cardiff.

Discover who you can have a website that represents your business. The customer now has a range of options but want to support the small business. You can make sure your business looks professional and while appealing. Get started for as little as £10 and pay the difference once completely satisfied.

About Us

We Focus on building Strong, Intuitive and Dynamic Sites.

They’re no secret that there are many websites online but did you know that there are thousands of website pages created every day.

The question is how do you stand out from the crowd?

It’s simple!

Design your website not for yourself but for your potential customers. Make it easy to navigate throughout your site. Add value. Don’t just ask for a sale but give something first. It helps but trust and loyalty.

That’s why at AGB Digital Marketing we’ll design your website first for £10 and encourage you to test it for a week. Make sure that it’s everything you dreamed of before paying the balance.

How we build your site

We use WordPress. The world’s number CMS and preferred choice by web designers.

A website can be built on WordPress can be done by using code or with the use of page builders. Hiring a website designer to build a site by using code can be expensive and take months to deliver. I opted to use page builders and templates for a faster design. Perfect for small businesses like yours.

Premium Themes

I use a choice of three themes are present. Kadence, Blocksy or Astra. Combined with Kadence blocks as a website builder for a superior design.


While no website can be 100%. I use a combination of Cloudflare, serverside security and hardened by a security plugin.


Daily backup is taken of your site and kept in 3 different sources. Your website can be restored in a matter of mins.

Page builders

Gutenburg, native to WordPress and boosts the best performance. Alternatively, Elementor the number one page builder.

Custom design

I usually start with a template as a baseline but end up with a bespoke design. That way I can complete the website quicker.

Lazy loading as standard

Each website includes lazy loading to increase site loading times by reducing the page size.

Redesign your website into something stunning

Have you ever clicked on another website just because you didn’t like the looks of it? I bet you didn’t even look to see what services they offered. You’re not the only one. You too can have your website transformed just like in the example below.

Hair Direct

I took the original design and gave it a modern feel. I also reduced the number of pages to help the website rank better. While the website is visible when searching for hair direct. Google prefers more relevant content appearing on each page.

Avoid disappointment

I limit the number of clients

I need to ensure that each client gets the attention that they deserve. See our prices and secure your slot. Alternatively, have a look at our services.