About us

We are a web design company that is based in Cardiff. Our focus is on offering value to you, our clients. Not only do we build a website without providing payment detail but include software that will help your online business.

Our mission

Focus on your satisfaction

We’ve eliminated any risk in working with us.

Working with a new website company has its risks. You may not like the designs or the end result. We’re a new company so to build your trust all of our projects start at just £10.

We’ve also gone further than any other competitors. We want to try the website out for a week. Ask your family or friends for their opinion. Make sure it meets your customer’s needs.

Only then will the balance be payable.

Our Approach​

We know that the user is in the centre of every business. ​

Trying to make it easy for a customer is my priority when designing a website. Initially, I’ll research what people of searching on google. I’ll compare your business to your competition.

The aim is to be better than your competition by inspiring their curiosity. Customers are already searching for products and services like yours. The aim is to get in front of them with a trustworthy website.

You can start building trust by having a professional-looking website. Taking the time to invest in your website gives the impression that you’ll take the time to provide a reliable service or product.


No one includes as generous as us in their offering. While you can get hosting included, it wouldn’t be VPS hosting. A more reliable and secure type of hosting for companies who take their online businesses seriously. Included in each design are several tools that you make have to pay for separately.  


We can create a range of different style for various businesses. Our primary focus is on startups and small businesses—those with a relatively small budget that either requires a redesign or build a new website.


All of our designs start with a template. It allows us to create your website faster. Often in as little as a week. At each stage, we’ll ask for feedback. It’ll help us to deliver your vision for your online business.

£10 deposit plus 2 week trial.

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My offer is risk-free and beats my competition. By only paying £10 now shows your commitment and doesn’t break the bank. If you want me to build a stunning website, why not visit my shop.