What We Offer

Covid-19 has forced the way that people shop. I specialise in the small business website market, just like yours. The website design cost also includes features that may add to the website cost. We use premium themes and website builders in each website project. Take a look at your competition or a comparison website. Do you want to keep your overall cost to a minimum? Check out our website services.

Over 30m websites worldwide The world’s most used CMS. We create a website using WordPress and our web design service only use the best premium themes and plugins.

Frequently Asked Question

I offer only offer web design as a design service. While I could learn graphic design I’d prefer to stick to one service. I do have a friend who is offer logo design who produces highly professional logo’s starting at £120. Unlike the likes of Fiverr or people per hire, they are original and not from a template.

At the moment it’s just me handling each project from start to finish. That way I can assure quality assurance at every stage. I only use top rated wordpress plugins for each website design to minimise the chances of the website breaking. WordPress is constantly providing updates for security, fix fixes and improvements. It does mean that the plugins will also have to updates to stay compatible and from time to time become out of sync. That’s why it’s always important to try the updates on your staging site before your live site.

I have a fulltime job so all of my projects are done in the evenings and weekends. That’s why I’ve made a rule only to work on 3 projects at any time.

Each project takes up to 3 weeks to complete. It depends on the scope. One of the first questions I’ll ask is for you to provide me with three examples of website that you like. I’ll use this as my base for your web design. The complexity of the design will determine how long it takes. You may also want to add a shop or booking service.

Take a shop for instance. You start at the store front and often take the next steps:

  • Click on the product or service and Add to your basket
  • View your basket
  • Click on checkout
  • Complete payment form
  • You see a thank you page and next steps.
  • You receive a confirmation email.

All of the above pages and the email need to be designed. Vital for keeping customers informed at every stage of the buying journey.

Deadlines are very important to me so if I miss my deadline, I’ll give 10% off the final price.

There are a few things that I need from you to get started and during the project.

  • Admin permissions to your website, domain and hosting. Switch to google domains to get upto 100 free business email addresses.
  • Picture or photos you’d like me to upload on your website.
  • Examples of websites that you see as your direct competitors.
  • Examples of websites that you like the looks of.
  • Any positive customer feedback.
  • Any logos of trade association or acredications.
  • Your logo.
  • Your content for the website. If you’re stuck what to write I can send a questionnaire.

I don’t have a payment plan but offer a low deposit to get started.

Ready to see our prices

Our prices are displayed upfront so that you can see the cost even before making contact. That way you’ll have full transparency and can make an informed choice.